Clean Clip


In Our Day to Day Lives.........

Every Day

Consider the Clean Clip™ as a lifestyle choice for your loved ones, family, and friends.

Let’s face it, a pandemic virus shifted our way of life. People are ready for a return to the normal social interactions of handshakes or hugs and to shop without concern when handling products. Hand hygiene makes a significance difference and can, in fact, help to restore those norms that we all value. When you and your loved ones wear a Clean Clip™ life improves; hand hygiene is pristine! You can shake hands again, shop without fear, and sanitize whenever you deem necessary. Stress is reduced when you can count on your own supply of trusted, quality sanitizer that disinfects, moisturizes and offers a positive hygiene experience. No more worries of cross-contamination by rummaging through purse or pocket, touching public sanitizer stations, public washroom surfaces, gas pumps, park benches, restaurant surfaces …It’s an essential device placing YOU in control of your choices and the personal safety of your whole family. 

We soon will be offering various colours to personalize your device. MOQ 1000 units.


SFGS Co. recognizes how busy families today appreciate buying quality products that are durable, easy to use and reliable. The Clean Clip™ delivers on these standards and is perfectly suited to serve the needs of the entire family.

Active Lifestyle & Cool Tool for Teens

Training our children and more importantly our teens to sanitize, is an essential life lesson. We all do the best we can to educate, and as parents it helps to provide the tools kids need to rise-up to the occasion. Research notes that outdoor activities are critical to maintaining good health and fortunately, the Clean Clip™ ensures safety protocols are available anytime to anyone during their leisure time. 

We created this device knowing that it can solidly attach to clothing, backpacks, belts and purses. It is light in weight, dust resistant, water resistant and is built rugged for playing soccer, skateboarding, hiking or running about with friends. The Clean Clip™ is an essential family tool for good hygiene and we believe, parental peace of mind!