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SanitizeFirst Global Solutions prides itself on offering your business the best automated personal sanitizer dispenser.  It is a tried and true design that First Responders, Essential Workers, Military Personnel and Police Officers deem to be exactly what is needed day in day out, on the job.  

Why Corporations

Why Corporations Purchase the Clean Clip™

  • High quality long-lasting design with extended warranty available
  • Sanitizer formula meets and exceeds Health Canada, FDA and WHO standards
  • Clip design options available for MOLLE attachment and/or Velcro to suit any employee uniform for minimum quantity orders of 1000 units.
  • Cartridges are recyclable and easy to reload
  • Efficient long-lasting battery charge
  • Transfers sanitization responsibilities to employee

Corporate Brand and Liability

  • Made to order options for colour selection with MOQ of 1000 units
  • Ensures that employees have constant personalized access to sanitizer anywhere, anytime, always
  • Government protocols and mandates are met when employees have the tools to protect themselves as they interact with others, within the company or in public
  • Outfitting corporate workforce with the Clean Clip™ devices shifts the sanitization responsibility to the employee
Corporate Brand and Liability
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Environmental and Social Responsibility

  • Units are long lasting, manufactured with ocean-bound plastics whenever possible 
  • Shell, plastics, pump, circuit board and battery are all recyclable

Guarantee & Warranty

  • Pump / Motor is developed by an ISO 9001 company, is military grade and tested for maximum durability
  • Clean Clip™ devices replaced under warranty will be our standard device with a black matte finish
  • Clean Clip™ device includes a 1-year parts and labour warranty. 
1 yr warranty
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Corporate Accounts

  • SanitizeFirst Global Solutions dedicates a corporate relationships manager to your account to ensure that your company receives the best customer service required to equip your organization with product that:
    • Represents your brand
    • Meets government PPE protocols
    • Delivers on green initiatives
    • Prioritizes your corporate budget and professional needs
  • Whether your orders are small or large, SFGS is dedicated to manufacturing, delivering and fulfilling your Clean Clip™ orders so you can focus on what you do best