Clean Clip


Ask Us Questions......


A.  We will soon be offering a device/cartridge package on Kickstarter.  Online and retail purchasing options will soon be available.

A.  Yes, we are currently accepting purchase orders.  Once First Responder orders have been fulfilled, orders will be shipped in order of date received. 

A.  We are anticipating shipping commencing in the spring of 2021.

A. Our initial design will be matte black units.  Colour options available in the summer of 2021.

A.  No need to buy batteries!  We will be including an integrated lithium-Ion rechargeble battery for long lasting performance.

A.  The charging port on the Clean Clip™ is Micro-USB. The charging cable is shipped with the device.

A.  Yes.  We do take the environmental impact of new product production and disposal into consideration within SFGS.  We engineer our products to be long lasting with the Clean Clip™ being planned to be constructed with Ocean Bound Plastics.  We have included a long-lasting rechargeable cell to reduce the amount of disposed batteries.  The cartridges are designed to be recyclable with further bulk collections currently being investigated.  All carbon footprints to be internally matched with green efforts in tree planting and other green initiatives.  

A. Absolutely! The Clean Clip™ is your most essential travel companion. Transportation Security Administrations worldwide are allowing passengers to carry up to 100 ml of sanitizer on your person.