Clean Clip


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Our Background

The SanitizeFirst Global Solutions Company emerged to meet the PPE challenge of 2020. Michael Watson, Inventor of the Clean Clip™ device and a team of dedicated professionals worked diligently for months developing prototypes and testing until the SFGS Co ended up with a unique attractive solution in portable hand sanitization. This new product was designed with a few things in mind.

  1. When the button is pressed, hand sanitizer is automatically dispensed from the nozzle.
  2. The environment must be considered in the unit construction, longevity of device, shipping, packaging, batteries and both unit and cartridge disposal.
  3. The product must meet PPE needs for all users: logical, efficient, attractive, ergonomic, have long battery life, use a commonly known charging port, and have decently sized cartridges of government-approved sanitizer with a moisturizing ingredient.
  4. Versatility of attachment options and durability of units suited to serve essential workers, military personnel, and First Responders’ occupational needs.

The pristine result is the patent-pending Clean Clip™ which conveniently allows wearers to sanitize anytime while reducing cross-contamination of exposure to bacteria, cold, flu and the corona virus.


Our SFGS team engineered high-quality components to be manufactured within Canada for sustained, continuous use. Originally designed for first responders and the military in mind, the Clean Clip™ now provides any wearer with top notch quality features. The Micro-C USB port and cable ensures long lasting performance between charging. The pump and circuit board are developed and manufactured by an ISO 9001 compliant company that is currently supplying NASA and the US Military. The recyclable cartridges contain sanitizer which exceeds standard germ eliminating standards by using 75% Ethyl Alcohol while moisturizing hands with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.  FDA guidelines are 60% + alcohol content and our formula will be government approved.  


  • Height 3.7 IN / 9.5 CM
  • Width 2.5 IN / 6.4 CM
  • Depth (with Clip) 1.5 IN / 3.9 CM
  • Depth (without Clip) 0.9 IN / 2.4 CM


*SFGS prioritizes green initiatives. It is our intention to manufacture with Ocean Bound Plastics wherever possible and to create corporate recycling partnerships over and above the regular recycling community endeavours.